July 10, 2010

Farmer's Market Fun

I love the farmer's market, but then again who doesn't. I go every Saturday. Although this is the first week I had a plan and knew exactly what I needed for the week. I put together a menu for the whole week! My shopping day usually consists of three stops. The farmers market, Costco, and if I need anything else, Sprouts. Although this week it's looking like I might have to make a fourth stop or even a fifth. Sprouts didn't have mussels. Mussels. I really said mussels. I'm very excited about cooking mussels. I know to some it sounds like no big deal and they are probably easy to cook, but I've never cooked them. Part of this food journey I'm on is to get more daring in the kitchen. Cooking mussels feels daring. I have a feeling I'm going to look back at this one day and laugh at myself.

Another part of this journey for me is trying to cook with ingredients I not only wouldn't typically cook with, but most likely would never even order off a menu. Well, I'm going to be using anchovies this week. EEK! I can't really believe it myself. I like caesar salad, so I think I'll be okay.

Before I get to a few dishes off the menu, if you also follow me on twitter, you know I bought the book, "Cook with Jamie. My Guide to Making You a Better Cook.", by Jamie Oliver. I've only read a little so far, but I love it already. I like the layout, the simplicity, and the photos are beautiful. Along with the recipes and tips, he also explains how to buy ingredients. I wouldn't have had any idea how to buy mussels. Another great thing about the book, all the proceeds of his book goes to his Fifteen Foundation. If you haven't heard of it, you should check out the webiste: www.fifteenfoundation.org.uk. What he's doing for young kids is awesome.

Okay, now for some dishes from my menu.
  • Mussels spaghetti in a white wine and basil broth (Jamie Oliver's book).
  • Indian-style broccoli with spiced yogurt (Jamie Oliver's book).
  • Proper tomato salad (Jamie Oliver's book).
  • Pork tenderloin smothered in onion and mustard (Food and Wine Magazine).

I won't be posting the recipes since I'm pretty sure that would break some sort of copyright. If I don't post photos of everything, I'll let you know how they turned out on Twitter.

I can't wait to make the tomato salad with these beauties .

I've grown herbs before, but never dill. I never knew it grew so big and had such pretty flowers.

I usually don't care much for cherries, but bought these for my husband and I think I've changed my mind on cherries. They are really good.

And last but not least, an itty-bitty carrot. It made me smile so I had to take a picture. :)

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