Hi, my name is Angelique. I'm a photographer, graphic designer, pet owner and......a chef's wife. As a chef's wife people seem to assume I don't cook. Well....I do.

I, of course have no complaints being a chefs wife. The two things I hear the most when I say my husband's a chef is:

"It must be great to not have to cook." It is great that I don't have to cook, but I like to cook. I also come from an amazing line of cooks. My mom, my grandmother, and my great grandfather were amazing in the kitchen!

"Does he still want to cook when he's home?" Yes! My husband truly has a passion for food.

My husband and I have been working toward eliminating as much processed food in our kitchen as possible. This mission has inspired me to learn more, cook more things from scratch, and become more daring in the kitchen.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you come back and join me on this wonderful food adventure!

Obsessed with:
Mason Jars
Crystallized Ginger
Greek Yogurt
Bread Baking
The smell of yeast
Flour (I have probably at least 10-15 different flours in my pantry. Yikes.)

Some of my favorite Chef's (besides my husband of course):
John Besh
Mario Batali
Susan Feniger
Rick Bayless
Jamie Oliver
Tyler Florence

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