May 15, 2012

Recipes.....a process of trial and error.

I have a 'recipe brainstorm' notebook. This is what a recipe usually ends up looking like. A bunch of chicken scratch. It doesn't help that I have horrible writing. I start with a list of ingredients I want to use, a guess at measurements and give it a go. If it doesn't work out, I will usually try again if I think there is potential. I then write on top of my original notes. My goal of course....a yummy recipe.

This wonderful organized manner is all new! The old way consisted of writing on the nearest piece of paper. I have a folder filled with post its, envelopes, even paper towels that I'm trying to sort through and decipher. A number of recipes have also been lost. I've twice written down the perfect measurements for homemade pasta, and have twice lost the piece of paper I wrote on!

My new organized way has already helped keep me on top of blogging. I actually posted two recipes within a week! *currently giving myself a pat on the back*

Now a bit of a funny, or ironic story. Yesterday I posted about the hours my chef husband works and how the time he says he's leaving work can easily change. I use to actually even add on an hour to the time he said he was leaving. Well, for awhile now he has been pretty good at predicting his leave time. Yesterday though....he was way off which I couldn't help but laugh since I had posted about this yesterday. I must of jinxed it. His 6pm estimation turned into 8:30pm. He even called to let me know he was running late by a few minutes. ha! That's the life being married to a chef. Meanwhile I have dinner all prepped and am just waiting....and waiting. When he was on his way I started cooking, or 'firing' as a chef would say. It's then that I realized I'm learning something that a chef has to deal with on an everyday basis. The being able to prep and fire, but more importantly, being able to put everything on hold. If you have no idea what I mean by fire, it basically means to cook the food. You know, put it on the fire. Everyday my husband gets to play the game of prep, hold and fire. I guess it's a game I will also get to play once in awhile being married to a chef, and being a wife that cooks dinner the days he works. So, when my husband is late, I'm actually learning. ;) I'd say that is a pretty good way to look at it. To know me, is to know I have a positive twist on just about everything.

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