July 18, 2010

Mussels are good!

There's been so much cooking going on, I feel like the mussels is old news.

It hadn't occurred to me when I decided to cook mussels that I had never eaten mussels. Mussels are good. In fact, they are delicious! A few improvements to make the next time I cook this recipe, but overall, pretty fabulous.

On another note, this cooking and taking pictures of what I cook is challenging my photograhy. It's great. I admit, I can be pretty critical of my photos, but it's a good kind of critical. This is the photo I took the night I cooked the mussels.

There are too many mussels, and yet it doesn't really showcase the mussels. You mainly see a lot of shells and I'm really not happy with the empty looking shell in the upper right. Then there's the lighting. It's not horrible, but it was getting late so I was loosing light. The amount of natural light makes such a difference.

We had some mussels left over, so I took another picture the next day. I think it's a little bit better. Notice a difference, or am I just too critical?

Recipe from Jamie Oliver's "Cook with Jamie".

Yesterday I made pasta, chocolate ice cream, and a rosemary olive bread. It was a full day in the kitchen and I loved it!

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